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My approach to consulting is rather simple and straightforward – listen, gather information from stakeholders, search for answers and solutions as part of a collaborative process, and make recommendations. But the real magic happens when the process goes deeper, moving past the recommendations and into assisting the organization in building consensus and commitment, facilitating client learning, and ending with an improvement to organizational effectiveness (model by Arthur Turner).

Much like going deeper in consulting work, I love to dig deep with coaching clients. My coaching philosophy is that people already have the answers necessary to tackle their obstacles and to succeed. For many, those answers are buried under layers of self-doubt and fear. In coaching, I assist with inquiry and creativity in peeling back those layers allowing individuals to make choices in what comes next. Providing a safe non-judgmental space for self-discovery, sharing of feelings, and ideas is something that I excel in. It really can be “lonely at the top” especially for new leaders. Coaching is a place for being vulnerable, learning, leaning in and moving forward.

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